Where can I register?

To register you can go to http://concurso.oppta.org/pt/competition. Here you will find all the information regarding the competition and its site locations. In the upper right hand corner you will see the "contestants entry" link which you can follow to register. Registration is completed in the following link http://concursantes.oppta.org/en/sign_up

How much are the registry fees? Is there some kind of discount?

The competition registry fees vary and depend, firstly on the number of sites you wish to register for, and secondly whether you are a member of the Pan-American Observatory. In the first case, payment of the registry fee for an initial site, allowing access to information on all the sites, also means the registry fee to participate in further sites will be lower. In the second case, as a member of the Pan-American Observatory you will benefit from discounts both on the initial registration and on the participation in further sites.

Here are the different registration fee options:

Non-members of the Pan-American Observatory 

  • Registry in 1 site: 75 Euros
  • Registry in 2 or more sites: 40 Euros (for each new site).

Members of the Pan-American Observatory 

  • Registry in 1 site until the 20th February 2012: 50 Euros
  • Registry in 1 site from the 20th February until the 2nd April 2012: 65 Euros
  • Registry in 2 or more sites: 30 Euros (for each new site).

To become a member of the Pan-American Observatory before registering for the OPPTA Competition you must complete the form available in the following link:


Why become a member of OPPTA?

The project promoted by the Pan-American Observatory goes beyond the OPPTA Competition, "Emergency Interventions". In parallel to the competition, subsequently and revolving around the same theme, other actions will take place: Active Debates, Priority Action, Wikipan and Publications.

Being a member of OPPTA is not only a means of benefitting from discounts in the Competition, it is also the gateway to participating in other activities promoted by the association, all related to architecture, landscape and territory.

Membership of the Pan-American Observatory means not only enjoying discounts on future activities such as Active Debates; an international forum on the subject matter of the competition but also keeping abreast with all the Observatory's activities on a regular basis.

Furthermore, being a member of OPPTA entails no additional charge, nor any future fees.

Who can participate in the OPPTA Competition?

The entry call for the international competition is aimed at multidisciplinary teams of professionals linked to the fields of architecture, landscape, urban design and planning, engineering, arts, economy, geography, ecology and all areas of study related to the development of strategies and proposals regarding Emergency Interventions.

Each team will have a director who will act as a representative and spokesperson with the organising committee of the competition. The director of each team must provide university qualifications in their professional discipline. In the case of the team's proposal being awarded a prize and implemented, the director must commit to validating the above mentioned qualification in the country where the competition site is located.

Can students participate in the OPPTA Competition?

Students can participate in the OPPTA Competition providing that the team director holds a university qualification in his/her professional discipline. In the case of the team's proposal being awarded a prize and implemented, the director must commit to validating the above mentioned qualification in the country where the competition site is located. Alternatively, they could choose to associate themselves with a professional legally qualified to practice their profession in the country of interest and who is not subject to any cause of incompatibility.

Can an individual participate in the OPPTA Competition?

Although the rules and regulations indicate that participation is aimed at multidisciplinary teams, this does not imply that individual participation is not an option. Therefore, if you hold the required qualifications, stipulated in the rules and regulations of the OPPTA Competition, individual participation presents no problem.

I'm having problems downloading information. What should I do?

The problem has been addressed and, in principle, solved. If you have problems downloading or opening the PDFs it might be due to having older versions of Adobe Reader. You can download a newer version for free at the following site: http://get.adobe.com/es/reader

If you continue to experience problems opening the PDF documents, please get in touch with us and we will send you the information required by email.

What material is available in the Contestant portal for the development of the intervention proposal?

When you register for the competition and access the contestant portal you will find the following information on each of the five sites of the competition:

  1. Full Competition Rules & Regulations containing all the necessary information describing the competition specifics and problems the site poses.
  2. General documents, including information obtained from official sources which range from general documentation for understanding the issues of the area to urban legislations and regulations pertaining to the site.
  3. Aerial photographs of the site.
  4. Photographs of the site, referenced to the location map.
  5. A folder containing AutoCAD plans of the intervention area. (.dwg)

I made a payment by bank transfer a few days ago and I still cannot access the competition platform. What can I do?

Bank transfers, especially international ones, take several days to become effective. For this reason we ask those who make the competition payment by bank transfer to send a scan of the payment receipt to this address: registro@observatoriopanamericano.org

The moment we receive this email we will proceed to activate your account. The sooner you can send us the receipt, the sooner you will access the competition platform.

When are the site visits?

We estimate that they will be programmed for the second half of February. The exact dates will be posted on the web page the moment they are confirmed. We recommend you visit the website regularly as this will probably occur over the next few days.

Is it necessary to attend the Active Debates in order to win the OPPTA Competition "Emergency Interventions"?

No. As indicated in the calendar and in the regulations (section 3.2) the publication of the winners of the OPPTA Competition is before the Active Debates is held. Active Debates is the gathering during which the prizes will be awarded and the proposals will be presented to the different agents: municipalities, jury, experts, multilateral organisations, private companies, etc. However, being awarded a prize does not condition the participation in Active Debates.

Then, why participate in Active Debates?

As specified in the regulations (section 3.1), Active Debates is the "presentation of the winning proposals by the authors and teams and where we suggest they participate in, among others, two activities: a public presentation of their proposal and the assembly of the Project Tables. Previous to this a period of time will be granted for further elaboration and detail with regard to what the Jury dictates in the Adjudication report of the open competition".

Therefore, Active Debates is the space in which the feasibility of implementation of the winning proposals is studied and negotiated. Agents such as municipalities, the jury, experts, multilateral organisations and private companies, among others, will participate in these negotiation tables and for this reason participating in this forum is an extremely interesting opportunity for the winning teams.

Moreover, participation in Active Debates is open to all those who wish to register for them, independently of the result of the OPPTA Competition. It is an opportunity to participate in an international gathering focusing on the fields of architecture, territory and landscape from the uniting perspective of reflection and action.


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