The Jury is formed of professionals of highly regarded prestige with international careers in the scope area of the themes proposed. It will insure the fulfilment of the competition rules, being free of personal or professional links with the competition. It is formed by:
Carlos Arroyo (architect, Spain)
Raquel Barrionuevo (civil engineer, Peru)
Felipe Correa (architect, Ecuador/USA)
Derek Dellecamp (architect, Mexico)
Juan Freire (biologist, Spain)
Rodrigo Pérez de Arce (architect, Chile)
Camilo Restrepo (architect, Colombia)

The Jury will assemble on two occasions. The first taking place once the proposals of the contestants have been received, where the winners per location will be pronounced and between one and three proposals will be nominated for Priority Action. The second, as guests at the Active Debates which are convened post-competition, when the prizes are awarded, the proposed solutions debated and the Priority Action awarded.


19 December 2011    

flecha_menu_principal.pngLaunch of Competition

21 December 2011    

flecha_menu_principal.pngOpening of registration period

23 January 2012    

flecha_menu_principal.pngFirst query resolution release

20 February 2012    

flecha_menu_principal.pngDeadline for discount registration period
flecha_menu_principal.pngSecond query resolution release

20 March 2012    

flecha_menu_principal.pngDeadline for receipt of queries

26 March 2012    

flecha_menu_principal.pngLast query resolution release

EXTENSION 20 April 2012    

flecha_menu_principal.pngDeadline for registration period

EXTENSION 4 May 2012    

flecha_menu_principal.pngDeadline for submission of proposals
20.00 hours Central European Time (CET = GMT + 1)

May 2012    

flecha_menu_principal.pngJury's decision